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4Q Motor Testing Systems

An industry leader in design, manufacture and sale of AC regenerative dynamometers for electric motors. Our headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Netanya, Israel with sales representatives worldwide.

Over 20 years experienced experts, 4Q Motor Testing Systems engineers has been developing, manufacturing, selling hardware and software solutions worldwide in the field of electric motors measurement technology. 4Q engineers are working closely with IEC committee and were taking active role in IEC TC 2 (Rotating).

The 4Q team of innovative engineers, designers, software developers, and sales consultants will solve your challenges with proven solutions. Our technical service experts are dedicated to working with you, anywhere and anytime. They travel globally to ensure your equipment is running right and your staff is trained to operate it.

Our Products

EPS motor testing

4Q EPS series for performance testing of EPS motor. The system measure mechanical and electrical parameters with all special tests running on BLDC motors.Read More »

Servo Motor Testing

4Q SMTS Series – Low inertia dynamometer for complete servo motor testing using accurate torque measurement unit with WT1806 power meter.

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e-Drive Testing

4Q e-Drive Series for durability test, performance test and road condition simulation test to the EV motor and motor controller. High speed testing loading machine (up to 20000rpm).Read More »

Cogging Torque Testing

4Q CTS Series for Cogging torque of PM and PMSM motors.

Cogging peak-to-peak and friction torque.

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