Automotive Electrical Mobility Testing solution

4Q Motor Testing System is among the global leaders in the field of regenerative dynamometer test benches for e-drive systems which has Full test functionality – from electrical testing to NVH testing. Our standardized testing platform enables customers to test a wide variety of motor and allow to meet customer development requirements.

Motor characterization, Design validation and Performance Testing:


  • High Speed AC Regenerative dynamometer Systems for full performance testing of (PMDC, PMSM, BLDC, IM, PM, SRM) Motors.
  • 4-Qardrad operation allow to test in Torque and Speed mode on both directions CW and CCW.
  • NVH Testing Using high level instruments from B&K
  • Order Analysis module for Ripple Torque and Cogging Torque analysis

Turn Key systems for EOL Testing include:


  • Performance Tests:Torque, Speed, Current, Voltage, Input Power, Output Power, Efficiency.
  • Routine Test:Resistance, insulation, HV test,
  • No load test at rated voltage and frequency
  • NVH
  • Cogging & Back EMF
  • Ripple Torque

EV integration:


  • Drive load simulation with transient response and automatically change from motoring to generating and vice versa.
  • Integration to HIL systems.
  • NVH measurement and high-level analysis with reports generating.
  • Integration of 6 channel precision power analyzers from Yokogawa or HBM
  • Inverter efficiency
  • Inverter control loop testing capabilities

Turnkey systems for characterization, design validation, endurance and production.

Power Storage Unit:


  • Integration of test bench energy system with is used for battery simulation, battery test, EV DC motors or hybrid power train tests.
  • The highly dynamic DC power supply which is operate bidirectional: as a source and as a sink with full active energy recovery.

Accurate measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.