4Q Motor Testing System is among the global leaders in the field of regenerative dynamometer test benches for e-drive systems which has Full test functionality – from electrical testing to NVH testing. Our standardized testing platform enables customers to test a wide variety of motor and allow to meet customer development requirements.

The 4Q-eDrive is a close loop dynamical loading machine that consist of a high speed AC servo induction motor or Permanent Magnet synchronous motor, accurate torque sensor, precision power analyzer with 4 channels to measure the 3 phase motor input and the DC line input of the e-drive, heavy base with massive “L bracket” and flange to interface with the e-drive test unit.

The 4Q-eDrive is a four-quadrant AC converter system that convert the mechanical energy generated by the prime mover into electrical energy that is fed back to the power grid. Our 4Q – eDrive has


  • Test wide variety of motor types – Customization on customer request
  • Complete performance test (Functional tests, load test, etc)
  • Loading in both direction CW and CCW
  • Road condition simulation test to the EV motor and the EV motor controller
  • Durability test
  • Closed energy circulation within test bench (over 90% efficiency)


  • Control of high currents and voltages
  • Electrical tests and calibration
  • Excellent reproducibility of measurement results

Customization on customer request

4Q operation
Performance curve of Motor + Inverter


ModelRated Power [kW]Rated Power [Nm]Maximum Speed [rpm]
  • Torque sensor accuracy class 0.05% from HBM Germany
  • Reproducibility and robustness during static and dynamic torque measurement
  • Non-contact power supply and digital signal transmission guarantee fail-safe and maintenance-free operation.
System Structure
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