Torque-speed characteristics measurements are essential in the design and manufacture of electric motors. Dynamometers have been widely used in motor characteristics measurements, and the coupling between the motor under test and dynamometer is a critical issue for high-power electric motors.

DC motors have wide applications in industrial control systems because they are easy to control and mode. Contactless measurement system, which consists of a permanent magnet (PM) coupler and requires no dynamometer. The torque of the PM coupler is transmitted by the eddy-current and controlled by the air gap inside the coupler. An equivalent circuit model of the magnetic coupler is derived theoretically and then verified experimentally under different operating conditions.

Torque Vs Speed Vs Current Vs Voltage Vs Efficiency

4Q-PI is end of line turn key test bench to test DC motors. Without expensive testing apparatus and a long testing cycle, typically has 6 sec cycle.

Based on the motor input and output measurements the DC motor mechanical and electrical time constants, back-EMF, and the friction can be computed using these coefficients. With the knowledge of these parameters, a precise motor model is obtained for the subsequent controller design.

Ambient temperature0 to 50℃
Surrounding Humidity90%RH or below
Power input230VAC 50/60 Hz
       Speed range0 to 15000 rpm
       RotationCW and CCW
       Torque / Speed / Current / Power In / Power Out / Efficiency / Friction values
Torque Vs Speed or Vs Current


Model Number4Q-PI 504Q-PI 1004Q-PI 200
Peak Current50 [A]100 [A]200 [A]
Voltage6 to 24[V]
Ordering No.    : 4Q-PI-___  
4Q-PI-050:   50 [A] 
 4Q-PI-100: 100 [A]
4Q-PI-200: 200 [A] 
Example4Q-PI-200 means PI system with 200 [A] peak current.
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