Increasing demand for e-mobility, IC engines is getting replaced or further assisted by electric motors. The introduction of motor and drives in electric vehicle added new challenges to automotive experts to know the vibration and noise created by motor driven by drives to enhance the silent, no vibration in the passenger cabinet.


Increasing high efficiency motor – Permanent magnet, cogging torque is a natural characteristic of some permanent magnet motor design which is less desirable characteristic for many applications particularly for VNH.  Cogging torque creates vibration and noise during operation and acts to disturb the motor away from its desired position when used in servo applications. cogging effects contribute to the total loaded torque ripple, and hence, cogging reduction will usually result in smoother loaded torque profile.

The 4Q NVH module is added on to 4Q motor testing systems. It allows measure NVH parameters on specific load and speed and also during speed range. NVH module read simultaneously the speed and vibration signals and build the test results of NVH level vs Speed on selected order.


  • Builds the peak and RMS NVH data vs order no.
  • Harmonics of important order that represents the motor number of slot or the motor number of poles.


The system is used first in the R&D lab and later on with the defined limits the same system is implemented in the EOL.


We have ready NVH modules that can easily be customized to the customer NVH task.

Figure 1: NVH level vs. Speed on a specific defined order no
Figure 2: NVH level vs. Order no
Figure 3:Data Recording
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